Thank you for your WONDERFUL product, Bio-Clean!  I am the third generation to own my 65-year old home.  For as long as I can remember the master bath has drained very slowly....I've tried Liquid Plumber, Drano, and Zep 10-Minute Hair Clog remover....and still it took HOURS after a shower for the drain to completely clear.  A second bath is starting to experience the same problem; I've been using a chemical treatment once a month or so to keep it under control, but concerned it could be damaging my pipes.

About one week ago, the master bath would not drain AT ALL. I called my plumber, and after making a house call, was hesitant to "snake" the drain due to the age of the pipes.  He gave me a tub of Bio-Clean and said it would likely take one to three weeks for the drain to clear, but assured me it would.  I really doubted that your product would work (after all I tried the most popular drain cleaners for years with limited success!)  To my astonishment, the drain rapidly cleared after only one treatment. After two treatments I feel like I have a new drain.  WOW!!! I decided to search the web to see where I could purchase more of your product in my local area for future reference, and while I was at it, just had to write to tell you about my satisfaction with your terrific product!  Thank you!

S Gebhardt
Wausau, Wisconsin  

Dear Bio-Clean,

My 50 year old house has 50 year old plumbing. The drains were so slow, I couldn't flush the commode while doing laundry.   Even when idle, the commode would gurgle and fill with soapsuds when the laundry was draining.  And every few years, the pipes would back up completely, and I would have to pay a plumber to roto-root out the line.

Then my new plumber recommend Bio-Clean.  After three cycles of 5-days-in-a-row, once-a-month treatments, my pipes suddenly cleared, the laundry no longer caused the commode to act up, and my plumbing is trouble-free for the first time in 20 years!  And it has remained trouble-free for months.  It's a miracle!

Thank you, Bio-Clean!

S. Jones
Richmond, Virginia

October 12, 2005

Dear Sir:
A few years ago I purchased a product called "Bio-Clean" to keep my drains clean.  I would like to buy more, but I don't know where to find a supplier.  If there is a dealer in my area, I would appreciate the name, address and phone number.  If not, could I purchase from you?  It is a great product and has saved me many plumbing expenses.


Irma Hopkins