B. Heitchew

Thanks a lot for your impressive and fast working Bio-Clean. After purchasing your starter kit and training tapes, I was called out to do an estimate on a broken sewer pipe. When I got there, the septic tank was bubbling out of the ground. The customer informed me this had been happening for over a month. My recommendation was to pump the septic tank and then use Bio-Clean, as it has a money back guarantee. If that didn’t work, a new field would have to be dug. I followed the directions on the can and force-fed the Bio-Clean into the leach lines where solids backed up to the septic tank. I was instructed to have the leach field lines pumped out and then use Bio-Clean, as per the instructions on the can. I went back to this job four days later to rooter out the lines with a four inch cable. There was nothing left to rooter!! No backing up! And when I retrieved the cable it was completely clean!
Thanks Again