In nature, all animal and vegetable matter from insects to mighty oaks, is broken down and recycled into plant food by enzymes and bacteria. BIO-CLEAN uses this same principle to biodegrade animal and vegetable waste in pipes.

Like all living things, bacteria must eat to survive. Fortunately, certain types of bacteria will use the grease, hair, soap film and organic waste that tend to clog peoples drains, for food.

Enzymes act like short order cooks. They prepare food for bacteria by breaking large molecules down into a size the bacteria can “swallow”. Each enzyme works on one specific type of molecule. For example, the protease enzyme only works on protein. Lipase works only on fats.

When mixed with water, BIO-CLEAN immediately goes to work! The enzymes are very fast and start breaking down waste on contact; creating food for the bacteria. BIO-CLEAN contains billions of bacteria and as they eat, they double in number every 30 minutes. Each one eats its weight in waste every minute – and best of all, they never sleep! Unrestricted by gravity, they spread through the entire plumbing system, devouring all the organic waste.

Clogged Pipe Graphic

Waste accumulates in your pipes causing slow, or even clogged drains.

Bio-Clean in Action Graphic

Within days BIO-CLEAN begins to eat through the gunk, restoring drain flow to full capacity.

Clear Pipe Graphic

Monthly BIO-CLEAN treatments will keep your drains clean and trouble-free.

With periodic maintenance treatments, new organic waste build-up is prevented and thus – no more slow drains or clogs!