This stuff is amazing.

This stuff is amazing. The bacteria is mixed in with bran as a carrying agent, so the product looks like wheat bran. No toxicity to worry about, no harsh chemical smell. Once every 6 weeks or so, I mix a whole batch in a garden watering pail with warm water, let it stand for 40 minutes to let the bacteria multiply, then pour some in all my drains and toilets before I go to bed, including my main basement sewer drain.
No more smells coming from my basement sewer or kitchen drain. Also, try not to pour too much toxic stuff like bleach or other harsh chemicals down your drains, as these kill the good bacteria you want in your pipes…just like drinking too much alcohol kills all the friendly bacteria in your digestive tract.
Real plumbing shops sell this stuff because it works.
Note if you have a real bad clog, this may take time to work, but it will.