Wow, this product really WORKS!

I have tried for the past three years to get my shower drain working without running slow every month. I have tried all kinds of drain unclogging products; with NO permanent success! They make it, I have tried it! While looking at the positive comments on this product from other customers, I figured, this cannot be worst that the others and if half of the feedback is true, well then I have found THE PRODUCT! I followed the instructions for a floor drain (three table spoons for one and a half liter of warm water for five consecutive days). And a monthly maintenance, that is recommended (has not been a month yet). It has been TWO WEEKS now and that drain is running like it was just installed 26 years ago! One container will last me at least two years and will keep the plumber out of my home for the duration. Super satisfied, highly recommend this product! Great Stuff! (Just be careful taking the instructions out of the container, small inconvenience for such a great product)