Ponds & Lakes

Bio-Clean The best biological bacteria product we’ve seen for large, backyard ponds and lakes over 50′ x 50′ in size!
Bio-Clean is a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria designed to break down organic material including:

  • sludge
  • muck
  • leaf & grass clipping build up
  • dead aquatic weed build up
  • fish & fowl debris

This organic matter, if not broken down causes an abundance of nutrients available in the pond that is responsible for:

  • excessive planktonic algae growth (green water)
  • excessive aquatic weed growth
  • low dissolved oxygen levels
  • noxious odors in the pond
  • sludge & muck build up (which is organic matter taking it’ssweet o’l time at decomposing and causing your pond to stink!)

Bio-Clean can be used in a variety of places including:

  • large ponds and lakes over 50′ x 50′
  • cesspools
  • sewage lagoons
  • bodies of water with heavy build up of organic material

Bio-Clean is completely safe to use in ponds where swimming or fishing occur. It does not attack live tissue nor inorganic material. It is safe to use in ponds where dogs, birds & other animals drink. It is not considered a ‘chemical’ but an all-natural, beneficial bacteria product.  
The bacteria and enzyme concentration in Bio-Clean is the most powerful beneficial bacteria product on the market today! 

For best results use Bio-Clean with good aeration. 

Dosage Rates for Ponds/Lakes

Initial Dose:

10 lbs. per surface acre To find out how to calculate surface acres, measure the length and width of your pond and put the measurements into this formula:. You measured your pond and your pond is 250ft. long x 250ft. wide.  Multiply 250 x 250 = 62,500.  Divide your answer (in this case, 62,500) by 43,560.  (43,560 is one surface acre).  So, the math will look like this:   62,500 ÷ 43,560 = 1.43 surface acres or roughly 1 1/2 surface acres is the size of your pond.

Maintenance Dose:

6 lbs. per surface acre every 2 weeks thereafter. To apply, simply add Bio-Clean to your pond by sprinkling the product around the pond’s edges or throughout the body of water.  Adding the product near an aerator also works well for better distribution throughout the pond.  You can also add Bio-Clean to a bucket of pond water and disperse throughout the pond as well.

The application method is really up to you.  However best you can distribute the product, the better.